Your home is your health club

For 15 minutes of activity.

Mopping floors 50 calories
(On hands, knees) 88 calories
Washing dishes 32 calories
Wire whisk (hand mixing) 50 calories
Hand juicer (squeezing juice) 44 calories
Washing windows/patio doors 60 calories
Grater (grating cheese) 44calories
Knife, cutting board (slicing, dicing, chopping) 44 calories


Laundry room
Laundry basket (folding clothes) 34 calories
Iron (ironing clothes) 32 calories
Hand washing in sink (vigorous) 100 calories
Carrying laundry up stairs (going up and down a flight of stairs) 106 calories
Washer/Dryer (bending to get clothes out of dryer) 75 calories


Family room
Walking up stairs (1 flight 3 times day) 15 calories
Vacuum (folding clothes) 81 calories
Watching TV. 17 calories
Watching TV. lifting small weights 57 calories
Feather duster (dusting) 44 calories
Dog walking/exercising with pet (3.0mph) 106 calories
(2.0mph) 62 calories
Swing Dancing 70 calories
Playing Musical instrument 50 calories
Moving furniture 70 calories
Moving household items 100 calories
Painting, wallpapering 70 calories
Sleeping 11 calories
Reading 17 calories
Writing 17 calories


Mirror (washing) 60 calories
Cleaning sink and tub 140 calories
Cleaning toilet 80 calories
Mopping Floor 50 calories
Child care, sitting, kneeling, dressing 140 calories

84% of Americans spend about 45 minutes a day cleaning. Why? 50% of women use cleaning as a stress-busting activity.