Do you have metabolic syndrome?

If you have three or more of the following conditions, you should discuss lifestyle changes or medications with your physician to lower your risk for developing diabetes and heart disease

Do you have any of the conditions associated with metabolic syndrome?

  • A pant size greater than 14?
  • A waist measuring more than 35 inches?
  • Blood pressure greater than 130/85?
  • Cholesterol higher than 200?
  • A body mass index greater than 24?
  • Unhealthy eating habits?
  • A sedentary lifestyle?
  • A smoking habit?

Why should I worry about metabolic syndrome?

  • It is associated with a higher risk for cardiac disease and premature death
  • Metabolic syndrome often runs in families
  • Aggressive treatment reduces the risk of life threatening complications
  • It can most often be prevented with exercise and weight loss

What can I do to prevent metabolic syndrome?

  • Follow a diet low in fat and concentrated sweets
  • Lose weight and maintain ideal body weight
  • Exercise almost every day
  • Quit smoking
  • If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation

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