Are you doomed to stress?

Being highly stressed does not automatically spell doom for you. If you have identified yourself as a highly stressed person it may mean you simply have to be attentive to some self-care strategies. After all, the only person that is completely stress-free is also not alive anymore. Making lifestyle changes does not mean doing a complete makeover. Simple, small changes are usually all that are needed to start you on your way. Small changes tend to be more lasting. You will be far more likely to stick with small change and in the long-run will be far ahead of the overnight sensational changes that are forgotten all too soon.

  • Make sure you exercise most days of the week. This may need to become a priority in order to protect these times from “stress invaders.” It’s especially helpful if you find an activity that you enjoy doing.
  • Spend time with people. Coax yourself to be around others whose company you enjoy. Make those phone calls, return those messages, write those letters, or E-mail. Prevent yourself from becoming a “shut-in.”
  • Become organized. Everyone has a unique level of need to be organized. Find out where your need is and organize your schedule, your time and your activities. An important part of this is setting and protecting priorities.
  • Reduce clutter. Sort out those things to let go and those things to keep.
  • Build some quiet time into your daily routine. Make this time special just for you. Listen to peaceful music, enjoy a hobby, read or meditate. Protect this time from outside intruders such as the telephone or television.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your life. Learn to say “no” when needed. Allow yourself to depend on others. Invite more people into your life and allow them to support you.