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App Review: Aaptiv


By: Karen Yontz Center Staff

$14.99/month or $99/year for iTunes and Android

For our very first app review, we chose the workout app Aaptiv. This app promises to give the user all of the benefits of boutique fitness classes without the high price. On the app, users will find everything from indoor classes such as treadmill, rowing, elliptical and spin to strength training, yoga, and outdoor running. Each workout is given a difficulty level so users know what they’re in for. Users also know who the teacher of the class is and what other users are saying about the teacher. Much like taking actual fitness classes, it’s easy to determine who your favorite teacher is and follow him or her from class to class. Many classes have a theme and music to go with them so if you feel like picking a workout based on a playlist that day, Aaptiv has got you covered. Aaptiv also encourages users to do a brief cool down after each class and if you choose to do it and complete it, you’re rewarded with an explosion of “confetti” on your screen.

This writer used Aaptiv for 3 months at a special trial rate of $29. I am someone who needs a voice in my ear when I’m doing a workout if I want it to be more beneficial than just grinding it out on the elliptical for a half an hour. I found the workouts to be challenging in the best way. I liked having a trainer telling me when to ratchet up the incline or pump up the speed. The music was good but sadly, not distracting enough for me to not be counting down the minutes til the workout was over. I also liked the bonus cooldown stretch session with my little “Hooray me!” moment of phone confetti. I primarily did cardio workouts on this app—elliptical, treadmill, and spin. I liked them all because they did keep me moving and pushing myself. I also attempted yoga, but if you are a total yoga newcomer like I was, it’s a little tricky to use this app for that purpose since you will have to be relatively well-versed in the yoga poses to follow the class well.

That brings me to the biggest flaw of this app—there is no visual component. For a workout like that on an elliptical, not having a video isn’t that big of a deal. You aren’t doing anything other than basically walking either faster or slower. But when it comes to yoga, strength training, or boxing, being able to see the instructor has a lot of benefits. The other drawback to this app is its price. I have a gym membership already which means I can pretty much do any of the workouts offered. However, with this app, I pay for my monthly gym membership plus the app. This does seem a bit ridiculous given that part of my gym membership already goes toward classes. For those who don’t have a gym membership or who would prefer to do the workouts at home, choices are limited to equipment you already own, or workouts that don’t need equipment. It would be up to each person to determine if this truly is an affordable alternative to boutique fitness classes.

Overall, this is a really good app. If you are like me and need guidance and cheerleading to get through your workouts, it’s an excellent option, and relatively inexpensive.

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