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Beyond Bubble Baths: 10 Ideas for Effective Self-Care


By: Karen Yontz Center Staff

Let’s face it, we are living in tumultuous times right now. It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to keep a sense of wellness about us, whether it’s our physical, mental, or spiritual health. In order to keep our mind, body, and soul properly nurtured, we need to have ways to center and restore ourselves. For women who are trying to live a healthy life, self-care is critical.

What are we talking about when we say “self-care”? Many of us think of long bubble baths or mani/pedis as self-care and while they certainly can be, true self-care goes deeper. It is the techniques and lifestyle changes that help us better manage the realities and stresses of our daily life. And like many other aspects of our unique health and wellness, self-care is not something that will happen unless you make the space and time for it. Much like scheduling your annual doctor’s checkups keep your physical health top of mind, self-care is something that needs to be managed and controlled by one person: you.

Are you not sure of where to start when it comes to creating a self-care practice? Below are 10 Ideas that are different than your standard bubble bath.

  1. Schedule your self-care the way you do any other appointment Without putting those 15 minutes of quiet on your schedule each day, they can become the activity that goes out the window as soon as you get busy. By scheduling them, you’re more likely to make the time.
  2. Do something physical to energize your body Whether a walk, a dance routine, doing pushups or even jumping jacks, getting your body moving will shake off the cobwebs & give you a mood boost.
  3. Go on a tech diet Spend one whole day without your phone, tablet, computer, etc. You may be surprised that you like not being tethered to the world every second.
  4. Find a place that is quiet & just sit and be still Bonus points if it’s a green space outdoors where you can enjoy the added calm of being in nature.
  5. De-clutter Choose something small like your sock drawer, something big like a closet, or something digital like your email inbox. De-cluttering any of these will give you a sense of satisfaction.
  6. Create a playlist of songs that bring back happy memories Need help getting started? If you had a good time at our Go Red Open Houses the past few years, we have an upbeat 80s playlist for you or a relaxing Hawaiian playlist.
  7. Meet with a therapist/counselor/spiritual advisor Taking care of your mental health is definitely an act of self-care.
  8. Stretch Whether doing an organized yoga flow or just some simple stretches before bed, work out the kinks and loosen your tight muscles.
  9. Sleep Need a nap? Indulge yourself. Not getting enough sleep at night? Try getting into bed and winding down 10 minutes earlier than normal. Little changes can make big differences.
  10. Treat yourself Whether a little bit of heart-healthy dark chocolate, a night a the drive-in, or yes, even that bubble bath, a little treat at the end of the week can be just the thing to keep you feeling well.

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