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Book Review: Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book: Every Woman’s Guide to a Heart-Healthy Life by Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum


If you’re a woman looking to start this year with a fresh, new, heart-healthy outlook, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum has the guidebook to help you make it happen. Dr. Steinbaum has “dedicated her career to empowering women to keep their hearts, and themselves, healthy”. She has done this by not only becoming a cardiologist, but also an osteopath. The latter is a practice of medicine that emphasizes a whole-person approach to the treatment and care of patients. Osteopaths are specially trained to listen to and partner with their patients to help them get healthy and stay well. Dr. Steinbaum explains that while she was training, the many lifestyle changes we see today when it comes to managing heart health—including diet, exercise, and stress management—were still considered “alternative” medicine. She saw firsthand how they worked, not only for her patients, but for herself when she started having issues with her own heart. Thusly, she wrote this book with the intent of helping all women learn to listen to their own hearts so that they can either stay healthy, or become healthy before any problems arise.

This book is divided into three manageable sections. The first, ‘What You Should Know’, is dedicated to educating women about the basic biology of their hearts, the ins and outs of heart disease risk factors as well as other lifestyle factors that may impact heart health, the effects of mental health on heart health, and arguably most importantly, how to speak to doctors and advocate for yourself when it comes to your heart health and everything that plays into it. The second section, “What You Should Do”, gets readers started on a plan to get heart-healthy through journaling, tests to request from their doctors, eating healthily and mindfully, and incorporating cardiovascular fitness into their lives. The final section, “All About You” is a guided self-evaluation of how the reader deals with life, from obstacles to eating healthy and exercising, to how they deal with stressors, to what their overall health picture looks like. Readers will also find a helpful appendix with a brief, simple meal plan and grocery lists (but sadly, only one recipe as Dr. Steinbaum doesn’t fancy herself a cook).

Overall, this book is incredibly helpful for any woman to gain a better understanding of why she needs to take care of her own heart and how she can do just that. Dr. Steinbaum speaks directly to the reader in a clear, conversational style that is easy to read and understand. She gives instruction when the reader should write things down and she is full of worthwhile information for any woman heading in to her annual physical. This book will require the reader to do some work, but it will be worth any woman’s while to do just that. Check it out at The Karen Yontz Center today.


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