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Book Review: Smart at Heart by Malissa Wood, M.D.


February is all about learning how to take care of your heart and Dr. Malissa Wood's book is an excellent start to that endeavor. Dr. Wood spent the bulk of her career as a cardiologist dedicated to educating women about their heart health and how they could take care of their hearts in the best way. To that end, she came up with Smart at Heart, a "breakthrough mind-body approach to preventing and healing heart disease by strengthening the ten ‘bridges' that create total heart health".

You might be wondering what these so-called ‘bridges' are. Dr. Wood looks at the heart in a unique manner: she envisions there being an imaginary river with the physical heart being on one side of that river, the emotional heart being on the other and the bridges connecting the two. These connections need to be strong in order for you and your heart to be fully healthy. The book is divided into chapters based on each of these ten bridges. The book begins with the physical and emotional heart and then moves into more in-depth aspects of health like exercise, nutrition, and stress management. Dr. Wood takes it a step further and also dives into the importance of healthy relationships, communication, and environments. Each section delves into that particular bridge in detail, discussing what aspect might cause problems for your heart health and how you can fix the areas so that each bridge of your heart health is working optimally. For example, in the section about the environment bridge, topics ranging from air and light pollution are discussed and advice about how to eliminate clutter from your surroundings is offered. Dr. Wood gives advice that is plainly laid out and is easy to understand as well as realistic to carry out. She offers a commonsense approach to heart health and sets up readers to succeed.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to undertake a new health endeavor. Dr. Wood puts out an approach that a vast majority of readers will be able to understand and undertake. Stop by the KYC today to check out a copy and get ready to be Smart at Heart yourself!


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