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Book Review: The Longevity Book by Cameron Diaz


Whether we like it or not, we all are aging. But how many of us know exactly what is happening to our bodies and minds as we go through the aging process? And how can we work to make this process a much more pleasant one? Actress Cameron Diaz explores this topic and these questions in her book, "The Longevity Book". Diaz says that the questions she began getting from journalists about turning 40 led to her desire to know more about the aging process and her wish to educate and empower other women with the information she learned.

This book provides a "comprehensive overview of the female body over time, from those first gray hairs that crop up in our thirties to the menopause transition that can begin in our forties or fifties to the increased health risks…we face in our sixties and beyond". Diaz divides the book into three main parts. Part one delves into the way life expectancy and longevity has evolved in the recent past. It talks about the science behind longer lives for women and discusses the ways simply being a woman effects your health and healthcare. Part two is an exploration of the biology of aging. It begins with how everything from your genes to your life choices impact your aging process and continues with the various ways different parts of the body age, ending with the most well-known aspect of the female aging process, menopause. In part three of the book, Diaz outlines ways that you can have a healthier, more active, and overall more pleasant transition into the different phases of your life. From building a strong body with exercise and food, to managing stress and improving brain function and strengthening relationships, Diaz makes sure to touch on all aspects of the aging woman.

Diaz does not present herself as the authority on this matter. Rather, she gets information from notable experts in the field and presents the information in an entertaining and readable manner. Diaz intersperses anecdotes from her own life into the book as well, making her a relatable author. This book is a fascinating exploration of what happens to women throughout the years of adulthood. It does not talk about antiaging. Diaz states very explicitly: "This is not an antiaging book. I'm not going to tell you how to trick time or reverse the aging process in thirty days". What this book does do is explore how time affects women physically and emotionally. It is an excellent read. Come in to the Karen Yontz Center today and check it out for yourself!


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