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Get to Know the Queen of Hearts Podcast


By: Karen Yontz Center Staff

Have you heard the news? The Karen Yontz Center has a weekly podcast! The Queen of Hearts podcast is a fun, informative way to spend your commute, your time in the garden, or your daily walk around the neighborhood. The talk is timely and your hosts are dialed in to what’s going on in the world of heart health as well as the world at large.

Why a podcast? To make a long story short, the world moves very fast these days—even when it comes to heart-healthy living. We at the KYC wanted to be able to talk about these special topics as they present themselves as well as filling you in on all the ways you can take care of your heart. With your co-hosts, Heather Klug and Bethany DeBroux Adams, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in on a chat with two good friends who want you to be the healthiest, most informed person you can be. After all, our goal has been to give you the same friendly, fun, helpful experience you have if you come into the Center itself and visit us in person. As it turns out, we did that just in time.

Our podcast began in mid-February, right before coronavirus began dominating the health conversation. Because we record weekly, we were able to get information to you about how to continue a heart-healthy lifestyle while living through a pandemic. We’ve covered topics as varied as how to stock a healthy pandemic pantry to how to get better sleep to what to do if the weight of the world is taking its toll on your mind, body, and spirit. But even so, we are always wanting to help you mitigate your heart disease risk factors so we have episodes on everything from metabolism myths and making sense of the curious world of carbs, to learning to count all of the moving you do throughout the day as exercise, not just your trips to the gym.

So the next time you are searching for something new to enjoy, head on over to Buzzsprout, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts and give us a listen. If you like us enough, please subscribe and spread the word. Drop us a line to let us know what you think or if there’s a topic you’d like to have us talk about. We’d love to hear from you. And as we always say, be the ruler of your own heart!


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