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Book Review: Salad Samurai by Terry Hope Romero


July and August are chock-full of fresh vegetables and fruits and Terry Hope Romero's cookbook Salad Samurai is a user's guide for taking your bounty from your backyard garden or farmer's market and turning it into scrumptious, filling salads.

Romero was a vegetarian as a teenager and became a vegan as an adult. Tired of the pathetic salads she was forced to order when out to eat with friends and family, she swore them off for many years in favor of smoothies, casseroles, and baked goods. But once she realized there could be more to a salad than just a sad bowl of wilted lettuce and overly-sweet dressing, she decided to share her knowledge with the world. Salad Samurai promises to instruct its readers on how to "stop making salads that suck". This may be a tall order coming from a vegan cookbook. For those who aren't familiar with the term, vegan means that not only do you not eat meat, you eat NO animal products AT ALL. This includes eggs, cheese, fish, milk, etc. But Romero takes it on in a winning style that can satisfy even the most frustrated eater.

Salad Samurai requires very little reading to know how to make Romero's recipes. There is a brief introduction at the beginning of the book about how to meal prep for the salads in advance, along with the best kitchen equipment to use and some of the more unusual ingredients that you might encounter when making any particular recipe. After that, Romero dives into her salad recipes, which are arranged according to season. She is a firm believer that you can make a delicious, healthy salad regardless of the time of year. So while her Strawberry Spinach Salad with Orange Poppyseed Dressing in the "Spring" section may seem like a no-brainer, readers will be pleasantly surprised by her Hazelnut Shiitake Butternut Salad in the "Fall" section as well. Romero also includes chapters on how to make many different types of dressings as well as salad toppings that she uses frequently. She also has a chapter (albeit a very brief one) dedicated to breakfast salads, smoothie bowls, and overnight oats.

If you are looking to shake up your everyday routine this summer and start eating more cleanly, come on over to the Karen Yontz Center and check out this book today!


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