More fruits and vegetables without more time

  • People seem to eat fruits much better when they are cut up. For instance, orange wedges are more popular than whole oranges.
  • Add fruits to Jell-O, peas and carrots to rice, frozen fruit to low fat yogurt, salsa to canned beans, fruit juices to iced tea, fruit garnishes to dinner plates, fruit to kebabs, grilled vegetables to grilled meats, frozen spinach to pizzas, shredded veggies to coleslaw, etc.
  • Make cream soup by cooking cauliflower with a small amount of water in which it was cooked and puree it with a packet of soup and seasoning mix.
  • Thicken tomato sauce by pureeing vegetables in it.
  • Decorate your desk with a bowl of fruit (and eat it!).
  • Keep apples in your car and carry portable, non-messy fruit to meetings, in your briefcase and on planes.
  • Buy prepared fresh vegetables in large sizes at a warehouse store so you have to eat them before they spoil.
  • Find a farmer’s market to shop and enjoy the sights. Buy vegetables and fruits that are unique, fresh and ripe for the week.
  • Children have more interest in eating foods that they have planted, weeded and watered and seen develop while they are learning how to grow a garden.
  • Add grated raw fruits and vegetables into breads/pancakes/salads, or add grated raw veggies into spaghetti sauce/pinto beans/stews. Add mashed canned or cooked veggies in mashed potatoes.
  • Serve pudding or Jell-O over fruit.
  • Use frozen fruits and vegetables to fill in the gaps between grocery shopping and for those busy.
    nights when you don’t feel like cutting and washing the veggies, etc.
  • Add dried fruit to foods to increase fruit intake: raisins, cranberries, apricots, bananas and dates.
    can be added to cold cereal, cakes, cookies and puddings for added flavor.
  • Take five pieces of fruit to work and make it your goal to eat them all before 5 p.m.
  • Double or triple the amount of vegetables called for in a recipe.
  • Drink juice instead of pop, blend fruit in juice or ginger ale and slush it for summer beverages.
  • Blend berries with lemonade.
  • Use orange juice as the liquid for Jell-O dessert.
  • Make fruit sandwiches from sliced pineapple and lettuce instead of lunchmeat. Use berries along with other sliced fruits to replace jam or jelly in peanut butter sandwiches or as the center filling in a layer cake.

Source: Food for Health, July/August 1997