Are you portion savvy or do you suffer from portion distortion?

Why do Americans weigh more? Part of the reason is that we eat larger portions, which means extra calories. The number of calories Americans eat on average has risen over the past 2 decades from 1,850 calories to 2,000 calories per day. Seems small, but that 150 calories extra each day can add up to 15 extra pounds in a year.

To avoid extra weight gain over the years, aim for more reasonable portion sizes like the ones below.

Food Item Size
1 slice of bread CD case
3 ounces of meat, poultry or fish Deck of cards or palm of your hand
1 tablespoon oil, mayonnaise or salad dressing Matchbook
cup chopped vegetables
cup fresh fruit
cup pasta, rice or other grain
cup cooked cereal
cup dried beans
cup ice cream
baseball or 1 cupped hand
1 cup cooked pasta, rice, etc…
1 medium piece of fruit
1 cup dry cereal or popcorn
1 baseball or size of your fist
1 ounce cheese 4 dice
1 cup raw leafy vegetables 2 cupped hands
cup dried fruit
cup nuts
Golf ball