15 proven weight loss tips

1. Use a food diary
Keep track of everything you eat and drink. Studies show that we forget about a third of what goes into our mouths; a food diary helps us stay on track better.

2. Get 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day
Count them. Write them down on your food diary. A fruit serving is about cup. A small apple is one, a large apple is two. One cup of raw vegetables is one serving, cup cooked vegetables is one serving.

3. Shop from a grocery list
Plan a weeks worth of menus, and generate a shopping list from it. You do not have to stick to the menus 100%, but you are more likely to eat a healthy diet if you have the ingredients for healthy foods handy.

4. Don’t shop on an empty stomach
More junk food gets home with us if we’re hungry when we shop. If we don’t bring it home it’s easier to do without it.

5. Shop the outside borders of the grocery store first
That’s where the fresh food is. Only go down interior isles that have something on your list.

6. Eat at home
Restaurant and fast food items almost always have many more calories than those you fix at home.

7. Put foods away in cupboards
Don’t leave food out on the counters unless it’s fruit or vegetables. Out of sight, out of mind.

8. Stay hydrated
rink plenty of water. Our bodies often confuse thirst for hunger. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes before deciding to eat.

9. Learn to eat until you are no longer hungry, not until you are full
Finishing a meal with a cup of herbal tea (no caffeine) sometimes helps to make this change.

10. Eat slowly
Be the last to start and the last to finish. Chew every bite thoroughly.

11. Avoid soda, even diet soda
We eat more when soda is a mealtime beverage. Drink milk or water instead.

12. Eat only at a kitchen or dining room table
Do not eat in front of the TV.

13. Don’t succumb to "portion distortion"
Use smaller dishes. Portion control is easier if your plate looks full.

14. Make small changes, not big ones
Big changes make us feel deprived, and make us focus even more on eating.

15. Exercise
Recommendations are for 30 minutes, or more, most days of the week to maintain current weight. 45-60 minutes of exercise for weight loss.